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Functional Safety & Cyber Security

The DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs is one of the world's leading testing organisations for agricultural technology. Internationally experienced and competently networked, we offer you as a manufacturer further comprehensive testing and certification services in addition to tests according to DLG standards. Our testing network meets the requirements of the ISO 17025 standard and is designated as a technical service for the homologation of vehicles and vehicle parts by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt).

We support you in the development of your machine control system with regard to the requirements of the harmonised standard ISO 25119 on functional safety, so that compliance with the regulations of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC can be demonstrated.

DLG-AgriSafety - More tasks. More networking. More safety.

For users and operators, the safe handling of machines, vehicles and equipment is paramount. The reduction and avoidance of potential safety risks must therefore be considered as part of product development.
Potential risks include, but are not limited to:
•    Foreseeable incorrect operation
 •    Malfunctions or failures of mechanical and electronic components
 •    Manipulation from the outside, especially with networked digital systems

We dovetail the aspects of functional safety with the requirements of information security to create a holistic approach to safety in modern agricultural technology, so that you can keep the risks under control when launching your products on the market.

Our competences

Safety assessments, safety analytics

In the context of functional safety and cyber security, we use common analytical methods to analyse the safety of components, systems and processes. 
We would be happy to neutrally review your security considerations or support you in this. 

Security analytics
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis / Impact Analysis), 
    FMECA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis / Criticality Analysis), 
    FMEDA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis / Diagnostic Analysis)
  • FTA - Fault Tree Analysis
  • Markov Analysis (State Space Analysis)
  • HAZOP - HAZard and OPerability (Hazard and Risk Analysis)
  • ETA - Event Tree Analysis
  • RBD - Reliability Block Diagram

Functional safety

In the context of functional safety, the probabilities of dangerous failures are evaluated probabilistically in various conceivable scenarios. The evaluation of the possible effects is based both on the severity of the possible damage and on the probability of the occurrence of a fault or damage. Risk analyses in the sense of functional safety lead to the determination of the SIL or safety integrity values required and to be complied with for the respective safety functions and safety targets.

Cyber Security

In the context of cyber security, we check whether networked machines or robots are safe from hardware and software attacks. The data they process must be safe from unauthorised access, must not be manipulated and the machines' functions must not be impaired or manipulated.

Evaluation and certification of components, parts, software and systems

We evaluate safety-relevant components, hardware and software solutions in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations with regard to functional safety and cyber security.

Evaluation of components and parts
  • Risk analyses (ASIL / SIL / PL / AgPL)
  • Review of specifications and requirements
  • Concept and design analyses
  • Verification and validation
Evaluation of software and tools
  • Testing of development tools, tools and communication protocols
  • Architecture and design analyses
Hardware assessment
  • Probabilistic analyses
  • Error effect analyses
  • Certification
Certification of components and systems
  • Certification of safety processes
  • Award of test marks for systems, semiconductors, development tools and processes

Training and personal certification

In addition to our testing and certification services, we offer training and customised in-house seminars on Functional Safety and Cyber Security:

  • normative and technical expertise 
  • legal requirements to minimise residual risks
  • Increasing the safety level of products and processes
Target group
  • Project managers, product managers, development managers, hardware and software developers, safety managers, engineers
Certificates (after successful completion of the examination)
  • „DLG Certified Professional for Functional Safety of Agricultural Machinery” 
  • „DLG Certified Professional for Cyber Security of Agricultural Machinery” 

Audits and certifications of organisations and processes

Based on the standards and regulations for functional safety of agricultural machinery ISO 25119, we advise manufacturers, carry out safety assessments and audits and certify organisations and processes. 

We analyse and evaluate the areas of hardware and software development, production, operation and maintenance. We support OEMs, but also their suppliers. 
Suppliers can also be audited according to the OEM's specifications.

DLG-PROOFED: Functional Safety and Cyber Security

The awarding of a DLG-GEPRÜFT (DLG-TESTED) quality mark is possible under the following conditions:

  • Conformity test successfully completed at the DLG Test Center for Technology and Farm Inputs and successful evaluation according to the national and international test standards or regulations noted in the quality mark.

With the awarding of a DLG-GEPRÜFT quality mark, the DLG publishes a test certificate on its website as confirmation of the successfully completed test.


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