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DLG seal of approval for bedding powder

Hygienic, non-slip and skin-friendly

As livestock numbers increase and animal performance rises, so do the demands on management. The animals can only realise their high performance potential if they are kept in conditions that meet their needs and avoid the occurrence of diseases.

In order to ensure this, the farmer must pay particular attention to feeding according to needs, the behavioural and animal-friendly design of the barn and the hygiene status of the barn environment. In addition to liquid disinfectants, the farmer is also offered numerous bedding powders, which are advertised by the manufacturers in a wide variety of ways. For example, they advertise great moisture absorption and improved slip resistance. A high moisture absorption capacity ensures dry lying surfaces and worsens the conditions for germs. Non-slip and step-safe floors are important to prevent injuries due to slipping.

When using such products, however, it must also be ensured that their composition and ingredients neither damage nor irritate the animals' skin.

DLG-tested products

Bedding powder


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