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„Pioneers of Wine”

The wine competition with a focus on sustainability.

In times of climate change, fungus-resistant and stress-tolerant grape varieties are sustainable alternatives for winegrowers. The potential of so-called "piwis" is great. We want to promote the diversity of enjoyment of new varieties. The new "Pioneers of Wine" competition promotes sustainable breeding developments in viticulture and helps to increase the awareness and popularity of new grape varieties - among experts and wine lovers alike.

Pioneers of Wine. Innovative. Sustainable. Enjoyable.


  • All wines, sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties are eligible to participate. All registered products for the German Federal Wine Award 2023 automatically take part in the competition in parallel, provided they meet the above criteria.
  • The wines, sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines must consist of at least 85 % (without taking into account the sugar reserve) of new grape varieties with high resistance to diseases, pests or climatic stress factors and must have been approved under the seed laws from 1992 onwards.

Jury and criteria

  • All products are sensorily evaluated according to the DLG 5-point scheme®.
  • At least four experts for these grape varieties evaluate the products. The examiners come from the wine industry and related fields and have profound knowledge and experience with wines and sparkling wines from the new varieties.


  • Wines, sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines that convince the jury will receive the international award "Pioneers of Wine 2023" and will also have the chance to win a company award at the end of the year.

Partners of the competition

Piwis with potential

The potential of fungus-resistant and stress-tolerant grape varieties (Piwis) is great. They have a high resistance to fungal diseases, so that the use of crop protection products can be significantly reduced, and that protects the environment and saves costs. Piwi vines are crosses between Vitis species which combine their excellent characteristics, hardiness and wine qualities. Through targeted breeding and selection, new innovative grape varieties are created that enable viticulture to become more sustainable and to use the future challenges in the vineyard as an opportunity. Currently, international progress in the identification of resistance to powdery mildew, grey mould (botrytis) and black rot is significant and contributes significantly to the reduction of costs for crop protection. The results achieved with regard to sunburn tolerance in vines are also becoming increasingly significant in view of climate change.


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