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Vehicle technology: tests and services

DLG carries out inspections and tests of tractors, construction machinery and commercial vehicles in accordance with international standards and approval-relevant regulations as well as DLG standards and customer-specific requirements.

Our measurement and test engineers assemble the measuring equipment required for a test, program the corresponding software for data acquisition, set up the measurement chains and monitor them during operation. Thanks to their many years of experience in transferring questions from practice into objective, reproducible measurement methods on test benches, our experts are sought-after partners for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of mobile machines and commercial vehicles.

Suitability for use tests

The tests are important decision-making aids for practitioners for investments and use in practice. The methods and test profiles are practice-oriented, manufacturer-independent and developed by neutral test commissions.

Norms & Regulations

As a technical service designated by the Federal Motor Transport Authority and a national testing body designated by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), DLG TestService carries out numerous tests on vehicles and vehicle components based on national and international standards.

Research & Development

DLG TestService offers comprehensive services for quality assurance as well as on the basis of customer-specific requirements for research and development purposes. These include third-party certification of products or the testing of components on behalf of vehicle manufacturers. The basic principles are developed together with the customer.

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