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Livestock farming equipment: tests and services

DLG TestService tests floor coverings for cattle and horse farming as well as barn construction components as regards their resistance to ammonia (e.g. lighting and farm inputs). The tests are carried out in accordance with DLG standards, which are recognised by international subsidy programmes.

Internationally recognised

  • ICAR: The only globally recognised testing laboratory for both electronic and conventional animal IDs.
  • Schweiz: According to the Direct Payment Ordinance for the BTS programme (Particularly Animal-Friendly Housing Systems), the DLG BTS test reports are a prerequisite for the payment of subsidies.
  • Niederlande: In the funding guidelines of the Maatlat Duurzame Veehouderij programme, reference is made to DLG certificates and test reports.
  • Österreich: As part of the approval of animal housing equipment, the DLG is designated as the testing laboratory for carrying out practical tests for animal suitability.

Tests for floor elements are standard

The DLG Test Center has set national and international standards for many years with its regular tests of floor coverings. The laboratory tests have been incorporated into the German Industrial Standard 3763 and also influence international standardisation for floor coverings in animal husbandry.


Our services

Animal identification (eartags and transponders)

  • Examinations for certification by ICAR

Exhaust air purification systems of stables

  • DLG-recognised plants are accepted by building permit authorities

Certification of animal husbandry technology


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