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At its three locations in Germany in Frankfurt am Main, Gau-Bickelheim and Groß-Umstadt, DLG-TestService offers a comprehensive range of services in the areas of quality testing, quality management, quality assurance, audits, certifications, awards, customer-specific quality projects and tests accompanying research and development.

With its own scientifically developed and professionally recognised methods, as well as an international network of experts and partner institutes, DLG TestService is a leader in the quality assurance and promotion of foodstuffs, operating resources and agricultural and vehicle technology. Services in the field of market research complete the range.

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State-of-the-art test bench for measuring performance, emissions and consumption

The DLG has one of the largest roller dynamometers for measuring the performance, emissions and consumption of commercial vehicles worldwide. Here, the focus is on measurements on tractors. Fuel consumption and performance measurements on other commercial vehicles and lorries complete the range of services.

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DLG food quality tests - Register now

DLG offers one of the world’s most powerful chassis dynamometers for measuring the performance and consumption of tractors and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

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Insights into your market, your products, your target group?

Products and services in the field of market research must be optimally adapted to the market and the client. We offer individual solutions for all players. The basis for this is a distinct knowledge of the industry as well as a deep-rooted understanding of the needs of our extremely diverse clients.