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Test dates: Food testing 2024/2025

Quality tests main dates registration deadlineRegistration
Award 2024  
Coffee and coffee drinks01.12.2023Register here
Meat (ham and sausage)01.12.2023Register here
Confectionery01.12.2023Register here
Raw baking materials and cereals01.12.2023Register here
Milk and milk products26.01.2024Register here
Ice cream26.01.2024Register here
Fruit and soft drinks26.01.2024Register here
Spirits26.01.2024Register here
Cooking oils and fats26.01.2024Register here
Convenience - Focus: Delicatessen and self-service fresh meat26.01.2024Register here
Fish & Seafood26.01.2024Register here
Spices26.01.2024Register here
Fruit and vegetables (raw and unprocessed)27.01.2024Register here
Award 2025  
Beer and mices beer drinks09.08.2024Register here
Mineral, spring and table water09.08.2024Register here
Tea and tea-like beverages09.08.2024Register here
Bread and small bakery products, fine bakery products09.08.2024Register here
Frozen food, ready meals, delicatessen, self-service freash meat09.08.2024Register here
Milk and dairy products09.08.2024Register here
Plant-based food and drink09.08.2024Register here
  • Organic and conventional products can be tested at any time.
  • For the above-mentioned main dates, there is the possibility of additional registration deadlines for all commodity groups: 26.01.2024, 27.05.2024 and 09.08.2024
  • Additional test dates on request