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Test dates: Food testing 2022

Quality tests main dates registration deadlineRegistration
Beer and mices beer drinks06.08.2022Register here
Mineral, spring and table water06.08.2022Register here
Tea and tea-like beverages06.08.2022Register here
Bread and small bakery products, fine bakery products06.08.2022Register here
Frozen food, ready meals, delicatessen, self-service freash meat06.08.2022Register here
Milk and dairy products06.08.2022Register here
  • Organic and conventional products can be tested at any time.
  • For the above-mentioned main dates, there is the possibility of additional registration deadlines for all commodity groups: 04/02/2022, 30/05/2022 and 06/08/2022
  • Additional test dates on request