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International DLG Food Testing

for mineral, spring and table water Testing

Expert testing for the following products

  • Mineral water in various forms of packaging: Glass, PET, cardboard
  • with CO2
  • with little CO
  • without CO2

In addition to the main date of the DLG quality test, manufacturers can also register their products on the following dates:

  • 07.08.2023 (Main date)
  • 09.08.2024 (Main date)
  • 26.01.2024
  • 27.05.2024

All awards

Mineral water in various forms of packaging: Glass, PET, cardboard 
with CO2 
with little CO2 
without CO2

To the award winners

Numerous Water management have had their products tested voluntarily by the DLG experts for many years. To promote this striving for quality, the DLG presents the manufacturer award "DLG Award for Constant Product Quality". This award for product quality tested over many years in the DLG quality tests is presented annually by the DLG to food manufacturers.

To the award winners

Products that have successfully participated in the DLG quality tests for at least 5 consecutive years can apply for the "DLG Classic". The reference year is the first successful award year. Advertising with the marks is only permitted in direct spatial connection with the naming of the award-winning product(s). Use of the mark is automatically extended by successful annual participation in the respective DLG quality test.

Foods that have received a DLG award can additionally be tested for special properties or product promises. With "DLG Claims", food producers can benefit even more from the know-how of DLG experts and the high profile of the quality awards.



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