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Most powerful test bench for measuring performance and consumption

DLG offers one of the world’s most powerful chassis dynamometers for measuring the performance and consumption of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Focus here is on conducting measurements on tractors. The range of services is rounded off by consumption and performance measurements on other commercial vehicles and trucks.

The fuel and AdBlue consumption of tractors with up to around 1,000 hp can be tested on the chassis dynamometer. For the test, the tractors are stood on four steel rollers, each with a diameter of two metres, that can be driven and braked using electric motors. The rollers can be adjusted between 2.05 m and 6.00 m to set them to the necessary axle spacing. The maximum axle load is 30 tonnes, i.e. a maximum total tractor weight of 60 tonnes. The maximum tractive power that can be transferred per wheel is 135 kN.


Video: The DLG chassis dyno


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